Welcome to QSA

The Quality & Standards Advocacy (QSA) is an independent associative group composed of recognized quality practitioners who are certified under accredited quality schemes as quality professionals, assessors, auditors and lead auditors drawn from the quality sector. QSA is an independent group of peers whose members have associated themselves in order to organize, promote, execute and control quality tasks. QSA has been organized as an independent and impartial group within the structure of UNIDI Brussels and is an affiliate with consultative status of without voting rights, working under an independent and self-governing structure apart from UNIDI‘s governance and control.

QSA has developed its own Quality Management Network service line. QSA has staff who have successfully completed the ISO 9000-2000 Series Auditor/Lead Auditor Training or are qualified as ISO 9001 Quality Internal Auditors.

Our team of auditors can assist any part of your organization in developing documentation and processes to comply with the ISO 9001 and other StandardsIdentifying the processes needed to achieve the requirements of the standard.